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Gümüşlük Academy is an independent "garden" respecting its social responsibility and has a global sense as a foundation. The leading existence reason of the academy is to bring new ideas together which are related to human being, society, art and nature, to make researches about the possibilities of new world, to enable transferring and sharing various experiences and precisions. "The Garden" works in the sense of School of Thought in ancient Aegean Civilization: Nothing related to human being and nature is out of interest of this garden. 

Official establishment of the academy is in 1996, July 7th. Its official name is 

"Gümüşlük Akademisi Sanat, Kültür, Ekoloji ve Bilimsel Araştırmalar Merkezi Vakfı". Also Istanbul branch established in 2013, November and making programmes between October- June. The activities of this "garden" established by means of donations obtained by a unique target: The existence, sense and function of this "garden" is hidden into common production of people who met under the oak trees. 

Studios for working areas of painting, ceramics and sculpture, lounges and a library for literature, philosophy and scientific studies, studio flats for accommodation, a clubhouse for meals, an amphitheatre for theatre, music, cinema and collective works take place in the garden.   

There is a pond with water lilies in the colors of all seasons reminding Monet paintings in this 15 acre garden. Studio flats have sufficient accoutrement for comfortable accommodation of our guests. 

A topic is determined every year for the content of activities which will be implemented in that year. Working programs are prepared on this main topic. These programs are performed by the team of Gümüşlük Academy and also by people invited from Turkey and all around the world, who are competent in his/her own profession. People who applied to the Foundation and whose application is confirmed by the advisory board can also join to these programs.  

The Academy expects from the artists to donate one of the projects they created during their stay to the foundation for the annual group exhibition.  

In addition to this, people who want to carry out individual projects or join to a program can benefit from academy’s facilities in return for a definite payment. Facilities of our foundation are also convenient for group projects. 

“The Garden” belongs to the participant and the inspiration, innovation, happiness and energy he/she derives from this garden is above everything. 

Working Areas

Literature, painting, sculpture, ceramics, wood, Iron, photography, performing arts

visual art

Art Studios: 400 m² closed area studios are well equipped for painting, graphic, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textile, wood, iron, photography, script, performing arts , art theory, installation art studies and exhibitions. All locations are open for studies whole year long. They can be divided or connected according to the needs. 1500 m² yard, garden and terrace environ closed areas for the artists to be able to work in nature and become integrated with it. There are totally 22-50 m², 3 rooms for 8 person near to the studios which enables artists’ accommodation and working facility. 

Amphitheatre: The amphitheatre, which is for 450 person and located opposite side of the pond, hosts theatre productions, dance performances and studios. 

Meeting room/ Library: There is a 90 m² meeting/workshop room and a library including over 5000 books and magazines.


Totaly 15 rooms ranging from 22 to 50 m² take place in the academy. Accomodation capacity is 30-35 person. Rooms have been designed considering the guests can comfortably and independently accomodate from 2 weeks to 1 month. Double and single beds, a fridge, an open kitchen, a bathroom and a study desk take place in the rooms. There is wireless internet connection in the rooms. There is a dining hall for 40 person in the academy 

Please contact for the prices. Pre-reservation is necessary. 

*Under 12 year old children are not allowed.

Where we are?

Gümüşlük Academy Foundation is, which is 20 km far away from Bodrum, located in Gümüşlük City. The Academy situated on a hillside full of oak trees and faces old mills during sunrise, Myndos Bay during sunset. Average height of foundation field from sea level is 60 metre and total field is 14.427 m². Transportation time from İzmir to Bodrum is 3,5 hrs, from İstanbul and Ankara to Bodrum by bus is 12 hrs and by plane 1 hour. Transportation time from several centers of Europe to Bodrum lasts around 4 hrs. It is also possible for travelers who travel over Greece can also travel by the ferry between Kos (Istanköy) and Bodrum (1,5 hour) or by sea bus (20 min).